Blue Ridge Gypsies, LLC (BRG) is a small private farm in the foothills of the gorgeous Appalachian Mountains in Virginia.  Our elite breeding program focuses on four significant top qualities: conformation, temperament, feather & color.  All of our horses are PSSM1 negative/negative and are registered in the United States.


BRG horses truly have unique genetic combinations (alleles) that are rare and desirable for that special dream foal.  Stallions in our herd range from Perlino (homozygous agouti that when bred to a black E/E mare will always produce a buckskin), Silver Dapple, Blue Roan, Cremello, Black, Palamino, Piebold (black and white Tobiano), and Cream.  Our mares are exceptionally impressive as they are chestnut/cream, black (for that buckskin), bay (more agouti color modifier), blue roan, Palamino, and the more traditional Piebold/Skewbald with plenty of feather and mane!


Cushti Bok (translated means “good luck”) the first Gypsy Vanner to set foot in the United States arrived on Easter Sunday in 1997. 

Dennis and Cindy Thompson imported the first Gypsy Vanner and started the Gypsy Vanner Horse Society about four years later.  The British gypsies (or travelers) bred this magnificent breed for their gentle, calm temperament, outstanding beauty, intelligence and of course their braun. To attract folks to their vargo (home/wagon) they bred the Shire, Dales Pony, and the Clydesdale.  (The Friesian was a significant contributor in the development of the three breeds). The Gypsy Vanner heavy feather (hair near hooves) and mane are unique, mesmerizing and utterly regal character traits.  The Gypsy Vanner head is sweeter and smaller than most draft horses.


This phenomenal horse is a versatile, strong, gentle and agile one.  Gypsy Vanners are known to pull/drive, yet have been successful champions in the show ring: dressage, overall performance, jumping, halter and saddle.  Due to their calm nature, they make for a perfect pleasure trail ride.  Smart, intelligent, and extremely loving, this breed is the perfect family, show and/or pleasure horse!


Come and visit our farm and see for yourself!  Hotel accommodations are nearby, minutes from the Appalachian Trail and Blue Ridge Parkway. The Virginia Horse Center in Lexington, VA is within a 70-minute commute time.